Good News! Now You Can Earn Money By Walking

Hello guys, after a long time we are here with amazing post that will help you to earn money by just walking some distance. Follow below post to find more about this trick.

You just need smartphone for this, and download a small app called “Bitwalking”

About This App:

Bitwalking is an android app which will give you free money by just walking. This app records the steps you walk in a whole day and in return you will get paid for it. On every 10,000 steps of walk it will credit 1 Bitwalking Dollar (BW$). You can use this money on online shopping stores. Main motto of this app to increase the fitness scope.

About Bitwalking Dollar (BW$) Currency:

Bitwalking Dollar is a kind of digital currency, which you can use to shop online. Digital currency is easy to send or receive payments. You can transfer this to your accounts. And world’s first Digital Currency or Virtual Currency is “Bitcoin”.

Steps to Download the App:

Step 1: Download Bitwalking app by clicking here.

Step 2: Register with it and start earning with every step you walk in a whole day.

Share your views in comments, will let us know your earnings by commenting below. Thanks you for reading this post, Do share this with your friends and colleagues.

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