Try Yourself Fishing at These Fishing Destinations in India

There are so many rivers and coastlines in India. This makes fishing, a popular hobby among people. People love eating fishes and therefore; it is one of the important and loved cuisines. The fishing destination in India includes the enduring waterways, regular rivers along with the peninsula’s grandiose seashore. These are among the top places for pulling your socks up for fishing and experiencing the harmony of fishing. Plan your travel itinerary with available Goibibo Coupons today to grab best deals for bus and train booking. Today in this article you will learn about such places. The places are as follows:

Kosi River in Uttarakhand: Running through the Corbett National Park, Kosi River is home to the wide range of Mahseer fish. As said above the best time for fishing at this region is during October to the mid of June. Betalghat and Chhara will be I the suggestion of your guide as the best place for dipping the fishing hooks. Here also, you need Permits.  The hotel you are staying in will happily take the hassle only if you choose to stay at nights. It also depends upon the amount you paying to the lodges and resorts. Make sure to generously tip them as well.

Ramganga River: Situated at the famous Corbett National Park, this is one of the beautiful fishing destinations of India. You will find varieties of species such as Mahseer, Goonch, and Brown Trout in addition to it. Before grabbing the fishing gear, always remember that you need to have consent for fishing. You can get the permission from the DFO (Divisional Forest Officer). So it is better not to lose hope. Those who stay at the close by lodges and resorts can have it easily. The best time to go for fishing at Ramganga River is from October to the mid of June.

Karnataka: The River Kaveri is famous for Mahseer fish. You have to follow the catch and release policy of South-Indian states, in order to save the marine life. You will require a license which is issued from the Coorg Wildlife Association, when you go to Bangalore for your fishing adventure. You can make your hotel booking plan with Oyo Rooms Coupons today to find best hotel in the town.  You can also apply for Travel Coordinator jobs to know about this field.

Jia Bhoroli River, Assam: Assam, the north-eastern state of India is no less than the heaven for those who are fishing fans. During the month of November, the forest department of the state arranges a yearly angling contest. A huge number of participants from different parts of country and even world come to participate in the competition. You will find Saal, Golden Mahseer, Korang, Gorua, and Boka during the months of October to April. 

Pabbar Valley Region, Himachal Pradesh: If you are an enthusiast for fishing the Golden Mahseer, then the Pabbar River is the right place for you. Located at 80km North-East of Shimla, it is a criss cross of several rivers originating from Punjab. The region has an enormous accumulation of fishes. You will find Brown Trout, Catla, Rohu, and Catfish. The rivers have been categorized into the General and Trout. For fishing Trout, you need to have the consent of Government. There you will be allowed to use only line or rod as the fishing.

Elephant Lake in Kerala: Kerala, known as the God’s own country provides you the opportunity to hunt the famous Mahseer species of fishes. The fishing spots in Kerala are Manner and the Elephant Lake. The species of fish are Black and Pink Mahseer, Silver, Mackerel, Climbing Perch, Gold, Sardine, Tuna, Seer, Pomfret, and Pearl Spot. The best time to visit the place is between Octobers to March. 

Ranikor, Meghalaya: Ranikor is situated five hours away as of the capital Shillong. It is among the few feral fishing spots left of Meghalaya. You can find catfish and eels there in addition to the other species of fish. You can also have a good time in bird watching. October to May is the best time to visit the place.

 Lakshadweep Islands: The Lakshadweep Islands, situated in the Arabian Sea has a rich flora and fauna. You can have a great fishing experience as the beach has transparent and shallow. There are various kinds of fish that you can catch. They are as: flying fish, dolphin fish, rainbow runner, yellow fin, coral fish, red snapper and many more. There are furthermore doings such as: kayaking, canoeing and many more. You can indulge yourself in these to have utmost benefit of the water’s beauty. Visit the place during October and enjoy till Mid-May.  So, these were the place where you can try fishing. Hope you have good time.

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