The Benefits of Metal Engraving and Marking

Metal marking is done for different reasons. It can also be done on different metals including precious ones such as on jewellery. The choice between marking, engraving, and etching depends on the type of metal and the desired result. Each of these includes making many lines on a metal to create an image, a design or wordings. The main difference characterizing the three is the use of different tools and resulting images of varied depth and dimensions.

How is Metal Engraving Done?

Metal engraving can be done in three main ways. The first is the use of a metal engraving machine, the second by hand and the third by a computer and laser. The machines used to engrave vary. Some can be operated by hand and used hand in hand with a burin; the material used in hand metal engraving. In this case, the machine has to have a motor.

On the other hand, computers use directed lasers that are hands-off. All you do is pick a digital image and input into the computer which then sends the instruction to engrave the metal. A metal etching machine also falls in the category of marking metal through a machine.

Why Engrave or Etch Metal?

There are varying reasons for why one would choose to engage in metal marking. Different fields such as the medical field often have standards that implants and other devices ought to adhere to. For example, metal implants should have a unique serial number etched in for identification.

Using a metal etching machine or a computer and laser would ensure that all etches are standard across all models. It also increases the efficiency of the process since it is faster and the duration taken on each item is standard.

When it comes to jewelry, you may not need a metal engraving machine but might opt for the process to be done by hand. This type of jewelry is supposed to have significance. This makes it harder for people to steal and resell the jewelry without a dead giveaway that the merchandise was stolen. It also makes it easier for the jewelry to be returned to you in case you misplaced it in an area where people recognize you.

Advantages of Metal Marking

There are advantages to metal marking. These include but are not limited to:

  • The metal has the same properties, that is, it is not affected in any way by the process of marking, etching or engraving
  • Any metal can go through the process. You can therefore choose any material without limitations
  • The process does not yield stress or internal deformation thus maintaining the integrity of the metal.

Using metal engraving machines to get a certain outcome in metal products whether for commercial or personal use is efficient and reliable. The quality or markings is always high and is also standard across different items. There are also many applications of the process and technology, so you are not limited to the traditional uses of metal marking only.

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