10 Best Free Web Hosting Sites 2019

Looking for the best web hosting website where you will not have to pay a cent? Obviously. How else did you end up here? Take a deep breath of relief as we have done the research for you. You might have a ground breaking business idea and someone told you that having a website for your business gives a huge boost. That person was certainly not wrong. But did you know you need to learn the web designing to create a website? Learning it and perfecting it could take up at least a year, if you are a fast learner. And then you can go ahead to build the final website. Things doesn’t end there. Buying a domain for your website and registering it ever few years is another headache. It’s not only time consuming but a complex activity too. And I reckon that not everyone can pull it off in one go.

That is a nightmare. But it has an effective solution, the web hosting websites. You’re here so you already know what the web hosting websites are. But for the new ones, web hosting websites are the website which are used to create and manage other websites without the knowledge of website developing and back end programming. It sure helps you expand your business. But there are a lot of web hosting websites available on the internet that it is hard to choose the right one for you. There are sites that’ll allow you to host your content for free or with some monthly rental. Which one is right for you? We’ll tell you.

Here are the list of the 10 best web hosting sites (not ranked):

  1. WordPress.com
  2. Wix.com
  3. Weebly.com
  4. Bravenet.com
  5. squarespace.com
  6. Freehostia.com
  7. FreeWebHostingArea.com
  8. namecheap.com
  9. iPage.com
  10. a2hosting.com
  1. WordPress.com :

When you started your quest to search for the best free web hosting website, WordPress was probably the first website you heard of. Unlike other websites in the list, wordpress is 100% free and there are no hidden charges. So how do you get started? Create a wordpress account and start building your website. Well, WordPress is more of a blog site than the web hosting website. You can create webpages, linked together, to give an illusion of a website. But those pages can only be reached by typing a web address or path after the ‘wordpress.com/’. And not everyone is going to remember the path to your website inside the wordpress.

We recommend you to create a wordpress website with your wordpress account, which is pretty easy. And when you gain some impressive audience for your website, you can link a domain to your wordpress blog. You can buy a domain address from the domain selling websites like domain.com for a minimum fee of just a couple of dollars for a year.

  1. Wix.com :

Another free web hosting website is the Wix. It’s relatively new and has a ton of features. In wordpress, you have be an expert to create a jaw dropping website. But Wix’s AI creates an eye pleasing for you, all you need to do is answer some questions. A powerful online website editor helps you to edit you website like you edit your selfies, Available presets helps a lot while editing if you do not have any experience in it.

All those attractive and powerful website options you get for completely free. In case you have money to spend, you can go on and buy the wix premium plan. Premium plan in wix starts from as low as $5 which will allow you to connect your own domain to your wix website. I say that it is worth it.

  1. Weebly.com :

Weebly is yet another popular web hosting website. It is free for all the basic features and for the premium features, you got to pay. You can use the basic website for free which will allow you to host he website with weebly’s own domain address path. All the powerful drag and drop features are available for creating the website, and that is for free. And you need to pay the premium if you want to connect your own domain. And the pricing for the weebly is similar to that of Wix. Starts from $5 monthly charge for custom domain and $12 monthly charge if you wish to host ads on your website. For a small business, weebly is a good website to boost your earnings.

  1. Bravenet.com :

Yet another free web hosting service is the bravenet.com. It is also free, up to an extent and will charge you for the premium features. With the free basic plan, you can create and host your website or online shop. And their website editor is easy to use. The premium plans for the bravenet starts at even lower than the others in the list, at only 99 cents. We personally think it’s a steal.

  1. Squarespace.com :

Squarespace is another web hosting website which is among the best but not entirely free. Only reason that we have added it in this list is because how beautiful websites you can create with squarespace.. And that’s where we (Zoutons) come into actions to provide you with the coupons you need.

  1. Freehostia.com :

Freehostia is another web hosting website with cheap plans. Freehostia takes helps from the templates from other webhosting websites to make your website standout. With a range of available domain, you can your custom domain name for as low as 99 cents for a year. Now that a thrift shop deal. But the catch is you won’t be getting .com domain for those 99 cents. As long as you are fine with it.

  1. FreeWebhostingArea.com :

When you visit this website, first thing that you will notice is that this one is quite different to other websites. And now something that will catch your eye at first. But those guys are up since 2005 and trust me when I say it works. This is fairly simple, just choose a domain name, log in and start creating your website. And these guys are completely free.

  1. Namecheap.com :

Another web hosting site on the list is the namecheap.com. And it is not completely free yet is quite affordable. You can get the .com domain name on the namecheap for as low as the $12.99 for a year. Although you might need some namecheap coupons to extend your trial period. While others in the compition goes for at least $15 per year and some sells the .com domain for $20 per month. You get two months of free premium and private email.

  1. iPage.com :

iPage has nothing to do with Apple. iPage.com lets you hosts your websites for a lot price of $1.99 per month. And that includes all the premium features that you will be getting on other web hosting sites after paying $10 per month. So this one has to be on the list.

  1. A2hosting.com :

The last one on the list is the A2hosting.com. It is not a free web hosting site but has a reasonable price. The pricing starts from $3.92 and gives you all the features you need. Yes, this one is double to what you pay at iPage but the advance features and 24×7 customer supports will make up for it.

So now you have the complete list of web hosting sites to choose from. So what are you waiting for? Choose one and start building your dream website today. You might want to check the Zoutons coupons, you might be lucky to grab some amazing discounts with those coupons.

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