Tips to Carry Saree in Fatty Body

Saree is only a dress which is loved by all ladies (Indian or non-Indian) and we literally mean that. But there are few women, who no issue how much long for wearing a saree, do not choose the option.

But why?

They are fat or heavy in weight. Yes, the stress and the busy way of life have turned into its toll on them and their fineness beauty is now and then reduced due to this.

Are you one of them?

Have you stayed on a little extra load of weight then you must have and nowadays you look just fat when you are dressed in a saree on an occasion like wedding, the festival? We are confident that due to this follow reasons you have started have worn an occasional wear sarees.

But, you don’t worry. Just for the reason that you have not many more weights on your body does not mean that you cannot look good in heavy occasional saree, mainly when there is a way to look slimmer in them.

Yup, it is possible.

You can look slim in saree. Know how?

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Choose the Right Fabric

It is very important to pick a correct piece of cloth if you are fat. Do you make out it all depends on your first choice of fabric? If you pick the right piece of cloth, you can look wonderful and actually hide those extra weights. What you have to do is to pick up light – weight fabric (like georgette, crepe, chiffon, art silk etc…) for they attach to your body very strictly but not in a twisted way, and makes you look slim.

Try not to go for the yarn. If the yarn is something you cannot overlook, go for the lighter one. There are in actuality cotton silk saree which would go perfectly with your body type. Try it now!  Stay away from art silk saree at all era. They are now not intended for the plump or fat body.

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