Speaking Art – Man Made Statues

Art is a medium to express oneself and it can be of varied types. It can be through dance or hand drawings etc. It depicts the imagination of the artist who developed the art. Art can be in any form and one such form of art is sculptures and statues. Among these statues the most appealing is a dancing lady statue. This form of statue depicts art in multiple ways. It highlights the art of dance along with art of sculptures. This statue also shows the beauty of a women and its femininity. It is one of the defining piece of art.

Under Hinduism a lot of importance is given to their gods and goddesses. The religious sentiments of Hindus are sensitive and important to the whole community. Saraswati is one such example of Hindu goddesses. Saraswati is known as goddess of knowledge and art. She is highly praised and worshipped among hindus. There are various temples dedicated to Saraswati. In these temples we can find Saraswati statue which is the centre point of worship in it. Deities provide fruits, sweets and religious lines in order to pay respect to her. People pray her to get enlightenment and knowledge to lead a fruitful life.

saraswati statue
Rajasthan is a land of diversities. It is famous for its ancient culture and heritage. Rajasthani food is also famous all around the world. People here are traditional and respect their traditional values too. One of the famous things in Rajasthan is Rajasthani marble statue. Marble in Rajasthan is found in high quantities which promotes the manufacturing of such statues. These statues are the finest example of art and attract many eye balls. The texture of statue is very smooth because of the marble which gives it a natural shine. These statues present an original depiction of the carvings made.

Elephants are bulky animals with heavy tusks. These animals are a great example of natural beauty and because of such qualities they are great inspiration for emerging sculptors. Elephant statue looks unbelievably natural and beautiful. These statues are mainly made of marble which showcases rich cultural diversity along with natural beauty of the animal. These statues are tough to make because of the heavy frame of the being. It is mesmerizing to watch elephants in real and the statues of it also give a real feel of them which is exemplary in itself. These statues are mainly made for the purpose of showcasing the beauty of the animal.

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