What is the Difference Between Link Building and Backlinking

Hi, guys this time i am here to share with you the very small question but its too important for everyone. So if you are confused between link building and backlinking then i’ll clear all your confusion.

Before reading difference you need to know the meaning of Link Building and Backlinking. So lets start first with what they are.

Link Building:

Link Building is that you usually do for a traffic purpose on your website. It can be done through buy links from other sites, by contacting site owners to put your link on their websites, share on social media and through so many other sources.


So many people thinks that backlinking is the thing they used to increase the website traffic and to rank the keywords on Google. But NO, as i explained the meaning of link building above.

Difference Between Link Building and Backlinking

Link Building means the generating links from other sites for traffic purpose and Backlinking means the result what you get after link building. So you can say backlinking is the “return” you get from Link Building.

Hope you guys have no doubt remains about this. Thanks for reading this post and do share with your office colleagues and in friends circle.

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