What is duplicate content? How does it impact on SEO

I know that there is lots of the Internet websites are plagued by duplicate content. If you are having 20 or more than websites all have the same content it is big issue for you because all websites have duplicate content. That is called duplicate content.

How does it impact on SEO?

I have real example if you are using duplicate content on your website or webpage even blog also it is not benign for SEO purpose. Here I want to share my genuine experience with you I completed work on 50+ projects so far in (Internet technology, auto industry, residential industry, as well as Electronic and Technology) but I did work for some duplicate content website and some fresh content website or webpage and WIX site also, Now here I want to explain first some duplicate content website. If your website is having duplicate content it will very difficult to take in ranking on search engine and in further Google Panda give any clonic spasm than your ranking will dig even it will never get back on search engines. I have an example of real life if someone offer you food, that food is pickings food so there will you like to eat it. To my way of thinking I will not eat it.

Some fresh content website if your website is having genuine content it will very helpful for take in ranking even use a little bit efforts and you can see in search engine where you want to see your website.

How to check content on search engine?

Copy your content from the website and past on Google if your website display over there that means content is not copied. Find screen short.

t2d image

Here again copy content and past on Google than your website is not showing there or showing 7-8 position its mean content found copied. Check here 2nd screen short of my client website is Springinstore.com but website is not found in Google result that is called Duplicate content.

spring in store screen short.jpeg

Hope you guys have no doubt remains about this. Thanks for reading this post and do share with your office colleagues and in friends circle.

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