Weebly 404 Page & Fix Broken Links

Each one of us has been on a website and steered to a page that never existed. It doesn’t matter what you have typed in whether the incorrect URL or a URL that never existed, you will always the same result ‘a 404 error page’. You will see that some are quite attractive and some are monotonous and tiresome. Few of them also have search bars and funny images, some also have ads, and even have humor. It doesn’t matter what the content is, they all are the same, but your 404 error page needs to have something that can profit your website.


A Weebly 404 error pages are displayed when any visitors to your website look for any page that actually does not exist or your website may have broken links. When you do that, “Error 404 – File not found” is displayed on the screen.

This message actually does not give your website a fine image and does not offer any suggestion to the visitor as to what he/she mistaken. As a result, after looking at this error message on the screen, an annoyed visitor will probably close the head to the next website or might close the browser, perhaps losing a potential visitor for good. Additionally, annoyed customers could write bad comments recommending people not to visit the website because of their bad experience and the harm could really be severe.

1. Keep New Visitors Flowing Through Your Website

For example, somebody links to your website, but they inserted the incorrect URL. The viewers who click on that link will then be promoted to your 404 error page which is uninteresting and tiresome by default. If you insert any humor or an attractive design into your 404 error page that matches your own website, then visitors might visit the rest of your website. By doing this, those visitors could become your most potential reader and could fetch some more. Having a search bar might also help visitors as it lets your visitors search through your website and discover what they really need. The fact is, no one actually likes a page that offers nothing to visitors.

2. Monetize Your Website

There is no one on this earth that does not need money. Your 404 page can be a great platform to make that money. Having at least one add-on that page might help you to earn money and it would be great if they flow through to the design of your website. It can be your own ad too. For example, you can have your own ads for products or services your offer on that page. You can really enhance the sales of your business by just adding few ads and attractive texts on 404 pages. But, make sure that you don’t overdo it as you are not begging your customers to click on that particular link. Given that, you design the rest of your page to flow along with the ad, it will look natural and eye-catching.

3. Make Your Readers Feel Comfortable

The 404 error page is uninteresting and not at all attractive by default. No one actually wants to see it repeatedly when visitors surf the internet. So, offer your visitors a break and demonstrate them some of your creativity with a page that will take not more than 10 to 15 minutes to design. It may not be a large page, but it will definitely let your visitors see that you are taking time to modify your website.
In order to not lose your potential or a new customer, spend the time to show off your creativity on the 404 error page that will really propel your visitor’s minds off.

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