Trick to Make Your Mobile Number Private or Hidden (Same as BodyGuard Movie)

If you saw the movie Bodyguard, movie actress called the Bodyguard Lovely Singh (Salman Khan) with private number, we know you also want to do the same and don’t want to show your number to unknown peoples. So now you can hide your number from unknown peoples. Follow below simple steps and make you mobile number private -:

Android users just need to open call menu, and need to go to call settings. Under call settings, tap on the caller ID or Hide Number option. By this your 10 digit mobile number will display as “private number calling”. But private number will show to only those users who never saved your mobile number in their device.

If your number is still not showing as “private number” then contact your mobile network service provider.

Keep in mind, in every country call block is not possible. In India, for private number facility you have to contact your mobile network service provider. Contact them through their website or customer support.

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