Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing also said social marketing is the use of social networks, online communities, blog, Wikipedia or other Internet Sites media to marketing, public relations and customer service, maintaining a way to open up. Also known as social media marketing, social media marketing, social media integrated marketing, public relations weak marketing.

In network marketing, social media mainly refers to a site with a comprehensive network of nature, and their contents are provided voluntarily by the user, rather than a direct employment relationship. This would require social thinking, rather than the traditional mode of thinking.


One way of social media marketing is the use of social networks, online communities, blog, Wikipedia or other Internet media and collaboration platform to disseminate and publish information, thereby forming marketing, sales, public relations handling and customer relationship maintenance services and open up. General social media marketing tools include forums, micro blogging, micro-channel, blog, the SNS community, pictures, and videos were posted and spread through media platforms or self-organized media platforms.

Internet marketing in social media mainly refers to the comprehensive nature of the site with a network; its main feature is that most website content voluntarily provided by users (UGC), and direct users to the site of the employment relationship do not exist.


Long period; dissemination of the contents of large and forms; all the time in the state of marketing, and consumer interactive state, emphasizing content and interactive skills; the need for real-time monitoring of the marketing process, analyze, summarize and management; marketing goals need to be adjusted according to the market and consumers real-time feedback. The rise of social media in recent years the Internet a development trend. Whether foreign Facebook and Twitter, or domestic or Renren Weibo, have greatly changed people’s lives, he takes us into an era of social networks. Social networking is a form of online media, and our marketing people in the social network era rapidly approaching, but also to face the inescapable social media marketing to bring profound changes.

Create a network of business exposure amount

Social media business applications, can be social networking , micro blogging, blog can be greatly increased and so has the mass of registered users on social media web publishing-related service information and product information, the use of fans on social media networks concerned utility and the community effect, business information products, and services in the amount of exposure on social networks.

Spotlight effect social media allows companies to realize the potential between the user and the broader communication through social media. Social media also has properties equal communication, but also conducive to maintaining pro hair and communication between businesses and potential customers, continue to deepen the relationship.

Increase website traffic and registered users

Traditional network marketing is the Internet-based information is characteristic of, or enterprise by publishing information on vertical portals in the information channel on their official website, and then, by the search engine to bring relevant traffic and click-through keyword search.

Social media applications changed in the past over-reliance on search engine network marketing model, through social media can not only direct user traffic on social media into traffic official corporate website, and can attract and services through corporate information on social media interactive to develop registered users.

Attract more business partners

Social media in attracting individual users, but also attracted a growing number of business users. Statistics show that 72% of US companies use social media to provide various types of services. It also provides an opportunity for many companies to seek cooperation to find more suitable partners through social media.

Properties feature enables users of social media on social media and improves access to more comprehensive information than search engines, and easier to judge the experience and capacity of partners to help businesses bring more potential opportunities for cooperation.

Enhance the search rankings

The traditional site is the official website and product information dissemination based, content mostly static information and information content update frequency are relatively low, mainly by keyword indexed by search engines.

The information is updated and interactive content on social media much more frequently, enterprises in the social media channel page update rate is very high, more easily row closer to the top position in the search.

Bring high-quality sales opportunities

Including retail, travel, finance, industry, many companies successful application on Facebook has proven to effect social media to promote sales opportunities.

Many retailers in the United States has been published by Facebook Ads message, use the Internet to download a coupon, initiated product-related topic on the microblogging, monitor customer behaviour are interested in combining email marketing and blog marketing, brought a lot of sales opportunities.

Reducing overall marketing budget to

Social Media Marketing course also needs to invest, but the application well, the company’s overall marketing budget but will be greatly reduced. This is because social media with other traditional media and online media are irreplaceable propagation effects, on the one hand, the openness of social media networks to attract a large number of registered users, on the other hand information on the products and services you can use social media networks to more low cost, faster speed to spread. If the business can social media and video marketing, viral marketing combines marketing can often achieve unexpected results. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) in Miami route in March 2011 a new sail, successful use of social media marketing communications, initiated the use of Twitter topic for video sharing via Youtube, on a very low investment for this new promotion route played an unexpected dissemination of results, but also greatly increased the rate of KLM’s brand reputation.

Promotion of specific business transactions

Characteristics of social media not only is the use of social networking, microblogging, and other published information, the more important role in using social media platforms to initiate interaction with potential users.

Corporate social marketing team not only concerned about users on social media, monitoring user attention for related products and services, and real-time initiate interaction with potential users, continued to deepen relationships with potential use, promote their products and services interest, and timely launch a social marketing campaign to promote the deal.


Social marketing integration

In the open network architecture, digital consumer behavior becomes more and more self-disorderly, brand building brand community relationship management and consumers on the social network, and can not fully meet the brand on consumer behavior need to be managed, brands need to be more comprehensive and complete management of consumer behavior and experience, fuller integration of a variety of marketing tools, integration advantages of resources, accumulation and precipitation relationship user to enhance the user experience in order to continuously achieve brand marketing tasks.

Construction of brand community

Companies need to enter the social network marketing efforts, and open social network structure and equal relations between the user, the enterprise has brought enormous challenges and unforeseen crises. This requires enterprises to be more understanding “how to correctly enter the” social network, you need to know enough about the ecology of social network users, and the need for strict rules to ensure that in an open and uncontrolled network structure, brand marketing task can be achieved. Corporate Social involvement in rulemaking (social guidance book): to help companies based on their own characteristics and market tasks, develop comprehensive social strategy and execution specification manuals, help enterprise social behavior to manage multiple accounts for multiple platforms, ensure that the enterprise market objectives to achieve and enhance work efficiency, reduce uncontrollable risk.


Enterprise operation and management of the whole society of the community

In the open network architecture, the consumer’s identity has grown from its original audience (Audience), customer (Consumer), it transformed into brand building full participants (Participator), and even consumers have greater brand building than the brand itself right, in an open network architecture, the relationship between brands and consumers interact.

Brand building and electronic commerce station group

Mellow interactive provides a comprehensive technology-based crawling with monitoring and data mining insight into the business to help companies fully grasp the consumer, as well as their own competitive products, the better to listen to the sound from the social network and explore their commercial value associated with them . Help enterprises fully grasp the value of the company’s official website, the user explore the needs of enterprises and lead to user needs. We have a team committed to enhancing the user experience, including brand strategists, information architects, copywriters and editors, web designers and programmers. Every member of various professional and technical injection project and energy. Through the integration of these skills, you create a direct user, containing the user even touching the user’s interactive marketing website. Proper access to the Internet to help companies better develop the e-commerce marketing efforts.


Relationship chain


The basis of social media marketing is relationship chain.


Constituent elements of society are people and organizations, and key community can call the society is the relationship between the chain and the person, people and organizations, and tissue to tissue. We are in the era of social networks, the growing social attributes of the Internet, the chain of nature is the most important part of social media. A significant advantage of social media marketing is a high degree of trust for user information, and the reason is the high degree of trust in social relationships chain. We only have good use of the user’s social relationships chain, to take advantage of social media marketing.


Social Media Marketing must increase the transmission dynamics of marketing content.


Now that you know a key role in the chain of social media marketing success or failure, we will consider how the relationship chain. We can consider the relationship between the chain and the establishment of the target audience, but to build relationships chain requires difficult and lengthy process, obviously, it is a better means existing relationship between the chains with a user, at a certain point injection relationship chain information, quickly spread through networks. However, as current voltage needed to transport the same, even if the content has not spread into the power networks, but also excites a ripple. For social media marketing, the most difficult and the most important thing is to increase the transmission dynamics of marketing content.


A variety of ways to start marketing content spread of the body.


With the spread of power marketing content, you only need to rely on their superior resources to “rock” the content into the user relationship chain consisting of “pond”, the ripples will spread quickly around the circle even out even circle around the stack . The way to start marketing content distribution can be varied, depending on their strengths and resources to take advantage of. TV programs can be exposed, can be a network media reports, it may be forwarded Micro broad numbers, can be put a lot of advertising, and even by the Navy rushed the hot topic list. As long as the start of the program content distribution, any relationship hit a point in the chain, can be used as the beginning of the spread, this may be the beginning of a single point, but it is better to start synchronized multi-point spread, such additive effect will be very obvious.


With content distribution with power, relying on existing social relationships chain communication, social relationships chain plus additional high-trust, content delivery brings marketing effectiveness can only let the marketing people crowed.


The focus


Social Media Marketing for the Information Age in the autonomous maturity of key points are:


1, how to do to make the target customers within reach and participate in discussions;


2, transmit and distribute valuable information to target customers;


3, so that consumers have associated with your brand or product;


4, with the target customers, interact and feel products are a credit to him.


Assessment methods


Assess the way social media dissemination of results mainly in two ways: a quantitative assessment and qualitative assessment.


Quantitative Assessment


Quantitative evaluation index includes the following items:


Impressions (Impression):

Refers to the total amount issued, the number of reading (number of clicks), the number of reprints, the number of responses and other conventional content data.


Advertising equivalent:

Summary statistics of each campaign (campaign), add the cream, add the total contents of these top, how much it costs corresponding spread outside the site can be converted into quotes, can be drawn from the campaign added value.


Single click cost (CPC):

Average CPC value calculated for each of the campaigns, compared with its conventional industry IT 4-5 membered average CPC value, to evaluate the effect of the campaign.


The conversion rate (Conversion):

In a campaign, a before and after comparison of the user’s attention, participation data, such as the number of registered online activities, the number of participants, the website PV / UV value, such as sales, conversion rate can be derived data.


Third-party data:

Before and after the implementation of a campaign, compared to Google Trends, Baidu index data, or entrust a third party research firm to investigate changes in brand awareness and reputation or products.


Qualitative assessment


Qualitative assessment methods are mainly divided into two perspectives: network analysis and influence public opinion analysis.


Network public opinion analysis:

In one embodiment campaign, the need to analyze the public network where a few degrees from the following:


1) analyze the network of public opinion comment ratio: front contains the network of public opinion, negative, neutral comments ratios, it can assess the effect of guiding public opinion. Where the search engine home network is also negative rate within the scope of the analysis of public opinion;


2) analysis of micro-blog, forum, blog, SNS and other social media to keep abreast of evaluation spread ratio pathway;


3) analysis of Internet users concern (what about products is concerned about whether the product features which focus attention service which links service ……):??? Is also necessary to analyze the content evaluation from positive, negative, neutral three.


Impact Analysis

1) celebrity blog/microblog: whether celebrity blog/microblog spontaneous discussions or references to the author related content, with or without a prominent position recommended blog channel, blog circle plus fine.


2) Media follow: follow up and conduct a secondary topic of whether the spread of other non-cooperative media amplification. (Particular attention print, television, radio and other traditional media).


Marketing Mistakes


Excessive sell to the fans


What if your posts are almost all sold to your fans, then you have committed a crime of greed. This error may also occur in the case of direct sales, rather than use your reputation, knowledge, and community to serve your sales.


Covet performance data


Most marketers use social media to gather a lot of time working or encourage interaction on your page. This misunderstanding may cover all marketing, which means eager to get Comments Normally, praise or reproduced.


Emphasis on self


Really can do social media companies are those that emphasize user participation in their platform. Listen to the voices of the audience than the company’s monologue important and more interesting. Do not be too stressed who you are; you are the only enterprise – should be more to integrate into your fans to express your unique personality.


Lazy, slow


A common mistake is to post the number of too little. Fans like the media to visit your page and discover something new, even in small quantities.


Causing public outrage


In the field of social media, you have to very seriously, do not forget the low-key sense of modesty. Too many negative reports, too much hostility or anger commentators – not to enhance your image in the eyes of the public. By mail to calm the situation, you can also use some preferential commitment, incentive or customer service so that at least the parties to calm down.


Because of jealousy and plagiarism


If your competitors are doing some great things, but you always want to copy them, remember to do a valuable job requires the effort. If you do so by the implementation of your ideas, then you might get rid of the existing fans. To discover how you fit the content, we can use some analysis system, and continue to make some adjustments in your test or activities.




In social media, the need for a team to do the job in spite of just designs web pages, so do not be too proud to seek help from others. It is inspired by fans, knowledge, and even helps improve the page so that it cannot become obsolete.




First, the prospective target customer orientation.


Social networks have a great deal of information about users, content aside the violation of user privacy do not speak, only the user data disclosure, there are a lot of very valuable information. Not just the surface of things, some age, work, etc., through the analysis of users to publish and share content, can effectively determine the user’s preferences, the information consumption habits and purchasing capacity. Also, with the development of mobile Internet, the proportion of social networking users use mobile terminals become more sophisticated, mobile Internet location-based features will also bring great changes in marketing. This crowd directed by precise orientation and location of the target users, we advertise in social networks naturally receive in the traditional online media better than the results.


Second, the interactive nature of social media can shorten the distance with enterprise users.


synergistic media network was once a clear advantage compared to conventional media, it was not until the rise of social media, we truly experience the enormous interactive magic. In the traditional media-based, advertising simply cannot see the user’s feedback, and feedback on the official or blog on the network is not a one-way or immediate, sustained poor interaction. Often we released advertising or news, and then see the user comments and feedback, and continue in-depth interaction was very difficult, companies continue to communicate with the user channel is not smooth. And so we have a social networking company official microblogging, with the company’s official home page for all networks, on these platforms, businesses and customers are users do. Innate communication convenience features equality, and social networking allows companies and customers can better interact, mingle, forming a good corporate brand image. In addition, micrologic and other social media is a natural customer relationship management systems, by looking for user discussion’s corporate brand or product, or blame, can quickly provide feedback, to solve customer problems. If the company official accounts can form a good relationship with customers or potential customers, so that the enterprise customer accounts as a friend to treat the account, the value you get that business is incalculable.


Third, the characteristics of big data social media can help our low-cost monitoring public opinion and market research.


I just described the advantages of social media regarding the interaction in detail, also, with the popularity of big data features, social networking social network is well reflected. And if companies can do the data analysis and processing social networks, but also from the receive great benefits.


First, it can be a low-cost monitoring public opinion through social media companies. Before the emergence of social networks, the difficulty companies want the user to monitor public opinion is great. Today, social media play a role in the crisis public relations company has been widely recognized; any negative news began to spread of the range are small, as long as companies can monitor public opinion at any time, can efficiently reduce the corporate brand crisis and the spread of May.


Secondly, through the analysis of public platform’s large amounts of data, or conduct a market survey, companies can productively dig out the needs of users, providing a good basis for market product design and development, such as a cake vendor if there are a large number of social networking sites the European-style cake users to find information, you can increase the cake design and development in this area, before the emergence of social networks, it is almost impossible to achieve, but now, just come up with some small gifts. Social media do an activity. It is you receive vast amounts of user feedback.


Finally, social media allow enterprises to obtain the power of low-cost organization.


This sentence a bit hard to pronounce, but no organization organizational strength really is the Internet gives us the greatest feeling. Through social networks, companies can play a vast fan of advocacy groups at very low cost organization, and fans can bring much value enterprise? As an example, millet phone now has a huge fan of the team, a huge quantity of rice has become an important factor in the rise of millet phone, millet phone whenever there is a new activity or these fans will spread the news, sufficient publicity, and these almost does not need to cost! If there is no collective network, Lei Jun wants to put rice was organized to advertise millet, is bound to spend a very high cost. In addition, public information friendly media also allows us to efficiently find the opinion leaders, the campaign of opinion leaders, of course, can reap net better results than a large area.


Social Media obvious advantages in marketing, but also there exist many problems. For example, the controllability of the difference between social media marketing, input-output ratio is difficult to accurately calculate and so on. But with the advent of social networking, social media marketing is also bound to gradually improve the system, so that every marketing person can not choose to avoid it, we have to face this new challenge.




Social Media Marketing is not a strange word. For many businesses, the official Weibo, Renren home page and other social media platforms have been an essential item of business marketing. However, the survey shows that most companies do not have a clear social media marketing strategy, precise marketing going.


Precise positioning


First, companies should understand their position and target groups; different social platforms have different characteristics of user groups, according to their business first step is to locate and customer base to determine the features and options for enterprise social platform, where a customer groups, companies should be where.


Comprehensive strategy


Social media marketing is not imagined simple, to build an account, send news, which is not enough. From the establishment of the accounting matrix, content planning, crisis public relations and interactive establish a feedback mechanism, would require a detailed analysis of corporate planning. Establishment of a comprehensive marketing strategy and long-term maintenance continues. It will bring value to the business.


Data monitoring and reporting


Also, real-time monitoring and regular data analysis are essential. Enterprises need to have a monitoring mechanism to serve and to find issues of concern related to the characters. Which customers referred to himself on social networks? How do they evaluate the brand? Who is most concerned about their own, if they have a consumer demand? Companies need to find them and be back.


At the same time, regular reporting and summary also promote corporate social marketing is the key to the ever-changing information on the Internet. The company’s marketing strategy should also be corresponding.


It should be affirmed that the majority of enterprises social marketing is still very planned. For brand positioning, choice of the media platform in line with the brand characteristics. Note that, companies need to strengthen the establishment of monitoring and feedback mechanisms, or take the technical means of support, to achieve precision marketing!


It influences


Links impact


activity on social media sites outside of your site and generates no impact on the optimization of the page itself, but the most important external SEO link building may have a significant impact.


Most social media sites are user-contributed content, free to leave an URL, but for SEO staff, bring not post messages left link URL so simple, most users can exit the place has been done URLs out, leaving an URL and cannot be associated in the ordinary sense. Therefore, the uses of public media sites building external links are indirect, need to let other users concerned about your brand, product or topic on social media, then the user’s website, forum and mention your site again on the blog, so bring links.


Because more than the middle of such a step, so ordinary interaction on social media sites is difficult to bring the link, which only became a hot topic, such as a micro-blog is forwarded thousands of times, was the subject of heated discussion forums, etc. It can bring a lot of traffic and valuable external links. In this way, it brings obvious advantages of external links. Very natural, completely users actively contribute, and it is one-way links. Which also lack high weight links domain names.


Interaction and word of mouth


marketing on social media sites, the most important thing is the interaction with other users, build brand awareness and help spread word of mouth. The accumulation of several powerful, there are many fans of social media sites account, when there is a new topic and website product, or a micro-blog can speedily convey a message to thousands of people, many of them influential online people, there are some who manage their website, blog, and if they can make to promote the secondary spread your message rapidly off in this way, your article and link will appear on more sites. Your site will more people are talking. The resulting impact is difficult to count accurately, in the long run, but it can affect the rankings and SEO results.


The new link-shaped flow


Just said to stay on the social media site links, most search engines are not directly used to calculate the weight of natural links. However, a huge number of users of social media sites, leaving the number of links is also very impressive; it seems to have new forms of links and weights flow patterns. Such as the twitter and Facebook links Google announced counted in the rankings among the algorithms.


The massive flow of links on cultural media sites, search engines will inevitably be checked, and less likely to be indifferent. Target search engine rankings are relevant, authoritative and feasible. public media site users posted links to a form that is feasible. While these links are less likely to pass as the weight like a normal link, but it may have become or will become a new ranking signal, become a secondary way beyond the ordinary link.


Industry Views


Noun dispute


initially, quite repulsive molecular interactions directly behind the increase in marketing channel platform name, because it can add back as if what marketing Liang Zi, really afraid that one day there will be pole’s marketing, the marketing side of the road. Although temporary obstacle does not appear regarding communication, the name of the standard is still very necessary, contribute to more rigorous named scientific development within this field.


Platform Choice


If early can make a large impact on the public media platform independent, then as a marketing communications platform for rapid value to be excavated, relative unit’s audience’s attention on the continuous dispersion diluted, so great on social media effect of multiple integrations from different channels and the lower line and the line, i.e. the line or lines of action due to spread other channels and discussions about the media.


The importance of creativity


Brand in general, the greater the difficulty of doing content, combined with corporate social media ID to maintain the amount of daily activity requires more content, and therefore, needs to integrate creative content, the general content as much as possible to do interesting, relevant, to be valuable. Outside the regular content, do campaign requirements for even more creativity to the next level. Campaign play, detonated topic, copywriting, visual presentation, and many other creative sectors are at the core driven work.


Media tipping point


one of its features is social media weakened “opposite point” mode of that”point,” “point-to-film” instead. This has resulted in a distress to the marketing staff, insufficient resources under their own account a strong case, how a lot of content spread out. Because even very high-quality content, or have a BIG IDEA viral content, if unable to reach a spread of a critical value, cannot self-detonate spread audience.

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