How to Share Screen with Your Friend In Android

Hey Guys we are back with another awesome trick to share screen of your android phone with your friend. Sometime your friend needs your help to understand the settings of  phone or want to share something with you. So this app is for you. Follow below steps about how to download this app and how to use it.

Steps to Share Screen with Your Friend in Android:

  • First you need to download the application “Inkwire Screen Share + Assist
  • Download it in other mobile too with whom you want to share the screen.
  • Once downloading done, open the app
  • After opening the app, you will see the two option on your screen like below screenshot:



One option is for “share the android for another user to see” and another is for “see a share android”

  • Click “share the android for another user to see” if you want to share the screen with your friend and ask your friend to click on another option “see a share android”
  • Once you click on share the screen option then you will see the 12 digit code on your screen share this with your friend so that your friend can see your screen.

share android screen with your friend

  • This app also ask to allow microphone to chat with your friend while your both are on shared screen.

That’s it for today, Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found this app useful. Share your reviews in the comments section below. Keep visiting TRICK 2 DEALS for more tips and tricks.


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