How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Website

What is bounce rate and why is it important?

When visitor visit your website you want to expect them something like click and visit internal pages or convert (i.e. visit any particular page, register to your Email id, buy any product and furthermore). Hence your website bounce rate must be lower it will be better for you.

To my way of thinking, a bounce rate in the range of 20-30% is the excellent, and 31-45% it is nice one and 46 -59% is usually average and 60-79% is the more than average but it’s depend on website not cause for alarm. Any way more than 80% is the discouraging for everything outside news, events, blog etc.

A high bounce rate is not openly related with the SEO performance of a website because:

It’s not ever bad: As we will perceive beneath the bounce rate percentage depends on the type of webpage or website it’s not a metric that can be used of websites.

They know only through the some guys say that it is bad for seo is someone clicks link from their results goes to the website or webpage and get back again to the search results page. This is the clue that the visitor didn’t find exactly what they want to expect for this is something that Google does not allow, user contentment is the most important for them.

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What are the general reason of websites have a high bounce rate?

There are lots of factor, why the bounce rate of a website or webpage might be high:

The website full covered from ads, as like pop up ads, banner and that stratagem that’s why users avoided from this type of webpage or website.

Sometime it happens when the website is having only single page website so any clicks the users lead to same page and thus the bounce rate will be high.

The visitor visits the website so far as a deceptive ad or text description as ever the lends on that page they accomplish that is not what they desire or love to heart.

The website speed is too slow or website design is not user friendly that’s why user gets frustrated and leaves.

What is the optimal bounce rate?

There is no much expectation to the user as optimum bounce rate since it depends on the type of website or webpage and type of traffic it receives as a general guide there are few statistics that recommend the following bounce rate.

Landing Pages – between 75%- 95%

News and information Portals – 15% – 35%

Blogs – between 72% – 95%

Ecommerce Websites – between 18% – 43%

How to find your website’s bounce rate?


The best way to find what is your bounce rate

Section in Google analytics report. Practically all reports have a bounce column. As you can look in the screen short which given below, the bounce rate is the as an average for this website.

trick2deals bounce rate

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