Unknown Interesting facts about WhatsApp

Two friends quit, thinking that his work may be done, but when that did not have both joined the job again. They did not give up though it’s something different. He then used some more on sight, his work became popular. If the market value of billions of dollars and Facebook had to send the proposal to buy the popular brand. Speaking here Watts App of the Jan Koum and Brian Acton of two friends are prepared. Which you will not find on WhatsApp.

Interesting Facts About WhatsApp

1) Most used messaging app known by name WhatsApp, because it sounds like “Whats UP”.

2) WhatsApp has the most users in India.

3) WhatsApp advertises until today have not spent no single dime on. Still so hit Watts App.

4) WhatsApp is the fifth most downloaded application.

5) WhatsApp “no ads” policy that works, WhatsApp you ever seen any of the company will not advertise.

6) WhatsApp 55 engineers in the team, and that an engineer 18 million users are of the handle are the highest per engineer.

7) WhatsApp 4,300 million messages are sent every day.

8) WhatsApp is shared each day, 160 million photos.

9) WhatsApp everyday on the 25 million shares are video.

10) WhatsApp used 53 languages.

11) WhatsApp monthly active users 100 million of which are more than facebook messenger.

12) WhatsApp group remain more than 100 million of these, then you will also be 1-2.

13) WhatsApp founder “Jan Koum” and “Brian Acton in 2009. Both Facebook had applied for a job, but he was rejected.

14) WhatsApp co-founder of the Jain com was born in Kiev, Ukraine, a small village. His family was so poor that his house did not even have electricity.

15) You will be surprised to about WhatsApp Jain Koum, which used to work in the shop cleaning and putting the mop. But today, these are billionaires.

16) In the early days of 2009, with the invention of Watts App.  Jain Com bought an iPhone and came to the conclusion in due course of the application will be quite a big thing. They thought to prepare an application through which makes it easy to messaging.

17) WhatsApp trial jain Koum’s some Russian friends, was on the phone.

18) No one can growth equal to company like WhatsApp.

19) WhatsApp and Skype in world because of services like telecom companies have suffered a loss of $ 386 billion.

20) Facebook 1182 billion rupees to buy the WhatsApp, which are by far the most expensive deal. These deal in 2014, Valentine’s Day was the day.

21) If you see Watts App not have a profile picture of two things can happen: either you are not in that person’s contact list, or if he made the block.

22) WhatsApp earns more than to Nasa Budget in one year.

23) Internet on WhatsApp is responsible for 27% Selfies taken.

24) January 2012, without telling the WhatsApp remove the IOS App store had, but 4 days later was re-added.

25) If you suspect that a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp, please add it in a group. If he will block you, then it will not.

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