Unknown Interesting Facts About Samsung

Among the new and attractive Smartphone called Samsung’s first recall. With its full range of Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, making the company has become the world’s largest. Even in the field of communication has revolutionized bring Samsung’s mobile, but mobile handsets was not first product. South Korea-based company began in 1938 with just 40 people staff. Gradually ranging from household products become the biggest phone company making the long time taken by Samsung finally decided.


1) Samsung Company was launched in 1938 in South Korea. At that time it was the most consequential work to sell fish.

2) Samsung word is derived from the Korean language. It means in English language three Star (3*).

3) Samsung company started with just 40 people with staff but it has 3, 75000 employees. That Apple has only 80,300 employees.

4) From 1938 to 1980 Samsung Company tried his hand to different types in business.

5) Samsung’s electronics industry was launched in 1960. Let we tell you that 90 percent of Samsung’s products are made in the factory itself only to Samsung.

6) Samsung was launched in 1986 by the first mobile device. It was a car phone. This phone was not success.

7) Since 1993, the world’s largest chip company Samsung (memory chips or RAM) is one of the companies making. According to reports, Apple iphone 7 for the chip is made by Samsung.

8) Climb the ladder of progress started since 1995 by Samsung. Earlier this year, the company’s chairman Lee Kun Hi, 150,000 of Samsung phones and fax machines to collect and destroy them in front of his employees was built. Samsung was witnessed by 2,000 employees.

9) Samsung’s first CDMA (1996), the digital television (in 1998) and MP3 phone (in 1999) was launched.

10) Samsung Electronics market popular brand Sony to overtake in 2004-2005 and dominated the world.

11) Today, every third phone sold in the world come from Samsung.

12) 70 percent of the world Smartphone made by Samsung using RAM.

13) Samsung has also built the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa.

14) First Samsung Company is in South Korea which generates the most revenue.

15) Every minute around the world 100 Samsung TVs are sold.

16) Samsung Group, for Samsung Medical Center every year for non-profitable organization is donating $ 100 million.

17) Apple iPad’s retina display is actually made by Samsung.

18) Do you think fun but the truth is that Samsung ever vegetables, noodles and fish were sold.

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