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Apple Company is one of the world’s most powerful companies. Initially, the company faced financial crisis after it gained such popularity that the world is watching. Every man at some time in life he wishes that Apple definitely take the call. Today we post “Apple Facts in English” Study else: you will not tell.

1) Did you know that the Apple Company established April Fools (Fools Day), the day was in 1976.

2) Apple’s first logo was a picture of Newton. Not only Apple Newton was the name of a product. Before the arrival of the iPhone Apple Company had rendered the qualities of the product. But as soon as Jobs, the Apple iPhone was abolished and the relationship of Newton.

3) Apple a job every third man is Indian.

4) Apple company faced a slowdown in its earliest stage. APPLE-I computer in 1976, the company had received some orders, they do not have to meet the near and neither Steve Wozniak, Nor Steve Jobs (Apple’s partner) have had the money to complete the order. Steve Jobs, and to cope with the recession began Steve Wozniak sell their goods. Where Steve Jobs salled his favorite Volkswagen van.


5) Steve jobs was ousted by the company in 1985. In 1996 he again returned to the company.

6) Apple’s approx 83,000 employees worldwide. Apple’s headquarters staff earns $ 125,000 each year. Apple earns $ 300,000 every 1 minute.

7) If you want to buy the Part by Part of the iPhone in 1991, it cost $ 3.56 million.

8) Apple’s apps are the most downloaded in the world. More than 25 billion apps from the Apple Store have been downloaded so far.

9) Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about another very famous. If you are employees of apple thenyou get ready for incoming e-mail by cook at 4.30 am every day. Cook sends email to every employee at 4.30 am. Now it’s unique way of working.


10) alone on the back of Apple company Steve Jobs 25 years of age had become a millionaire.

11) APPLE’S IPHONE charged once a day when the power consumption of this will be $ 0.25 in a year. Apple smoke loss warranty apple facts

12) Near Apple Computers never smoke forbid because warranty will be ends.

13) If you use iTunes, you already use Apple products for nuclear weapons not to have agreed.

14) Apple iPhone every time the ad is shown at 9:41.

15) iPod maker Philips and RealNetNetworks companies gave feedback before but they failed to see the potential.

16) Apple IPAD’S retina display really created by Samsung.

17) The world’s largest technology company, one thing you would not know about the will. Apple’s 61 percent is from business outside the US. i.e one-third of Apple’s profit from the US, but other countries comes from.

18) The idea of the company’s popularity can be gauged from the fact that Japan, a man was in line for iPhone 6 to 7 months.

19) The fact that you have more chance of getting Admission to Harvard University, rather than Apple quickly find Job in company.

20) In fact, it was how Apple Computer Company’s name is a fun event. Steve Wozniak said in an interview during the driving of Steve Jobs told him that he got the name that Apple Computer will. Says Steve Wozniak We also discussed other options, but we could find no one other better name. Indeed Jobs earlier ‘Atari’ and thought worked in the company name ‘Apple’ in the phone book of spelling ‘Atari’ must come before.

21) APPLE APP STORE There is 60% more apps, still have not Download.

22) Apple Company in the last 15 years, a $ 1 salary Jobs took just. Yet Jobs was more than $ 7 billion of the total capital. Steve was the company’s largest shareholders.

23) Apple Macbook battery you can save even more by gunshot because it is the Bulletproof.

24) In 2012, Apple sold 40 million iPhones. This means that the average per day, about 110,000 iPhones were sold. The average 4,583 hours per iPhone, iPhone 76 per minute and 1.26 seconds per iPhone. Apple’s iPhone is sold in 89 countries around the world closer.

25) In the first quarter of 2014, Apple had made so much money that Google, Face book & Amazon are not the combined earnings.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post and keep visiting for more interesting facts. We love to listen your views, so do comments if we missed any, we’ll update. Thanks for reading this post.

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