Effective Window cleaning services for commercial spaces


Uni home is happy to serve you with various cleaning services which you can avail most affordable prices. Taking help of professional cleaning service company will give ample benefits to the recipient of services such as hassle-free work, reduction in workload and clean and healthy environment. We offer various part time cleaner, part time maid and cleaner who are dedicated towards their work and have the ability to cater as per customer requirements. We provide quality services to each and every client and cleaning services for commercial and residential places. Keep your home and work environment in top class shape with the help of our skilled cleaners.

Window is the integral part of the home and office as it adds the decor in the space so it is important that window glass should be neat and clean that’s why we offer window cleaning Singapore. Having home is a great thing but its cleaning is equally important as clean home means healthy life and might be you are planning to do by own self but it involves so much stress as a lot to do in the house cleaning process so it is better not to do by self rather than hire house cleaning Singapore services for the effective and reliable cleaning.


If you hire our services you won’t be disappointed ever because we provide top-notch high quality services only for customer satisfaction.

We know that switch into a new home from the old one involves so much process of hassle so we are here covered your moving out cleaning  and part time cleaner process so that you won’t face any difficulty. Cleaning is the great and foremost thing to make any space better looking but it should be more effective if it can be done with team of professionals who have knowledge of being handle any situation for that you are in need of best cleaning services and there is no other better option than hiring Uni home. Contact us today to satisfy your requirements in most affordable prices and feel free to contact us anytime for any further information. We are here always and would like to hear from you in future also.

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