Make Your Dog A Social Being In Your Family

It is a wrong notion that dogs are made to be social and domesticated. Dogs are basically wild animals who have been tamed to make them part of our households. Every dog retains a part of its basic nature when it is born. It is wrong to assume that the sweet looking puppy that you buy from your pet shop will immediately become a member of your family. Dogs don’t automatically become an animal that is familiar with being among humans. They are not animals who are by nature obedient to our commands. Dogs need to be trained to be social. Your dog needs a good training to make it social and domesticated.

Dog Listener Consultancy offers training to your dogs to make them an animal that can be in your family and behave well. We have the best training methods that will make them the kind of animals that will be comfortable both with humans and other animals in your house if you have any. Many houses already have one dog and they go for one more. It is necessary to train that dog to be comfortable in the presence of the one already in your house. All these require training by an expert trainer. We offer the best group dog training classes.

We will give training to you and your dog to have a happy and friendly relationship in your house. The dog needs to understand that you are the leader and you have to be obeyed. For this, you also need to be trained to establish your mastery over the dog. We don’t use any harsh methods to teach obedience to dogs. We also don’t use any gadgets to train them. We never punish the dogs to make them obey. We have our own special methods to bring him under your control. Once the dog has finished the training, you can be sure that you will have a very good friend in your family.

There is a common misunderstanding among dog owners that dogs don’t need toilet training. Dog sellers also try to make the owners believe that the dogs they buy are already trained for this. There cannot be anything that is as far from the truth as this. All dogs need to be trained for the toilet. They have been in a different environment before coming to your house and hence they need to be given a good dog toilet training by our experts before they can follow it themselves.

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