Doesn’t Your Dog Need Proper Training?

Dogs are considered as the best pets for centuries. They understand humans more than any other animal. So don’t you think that your dog needs some extra training classes as well? The Dog Listener Consultancy is a company that not only trains your dog but also trains you to become a natural leader to your dog. We teach your dog to live in harmony. We train them in such a way that they don’t harm anyone but at the same time be so courageous to face any difficult situation. We teach them through our communication skills.

The Dog Listener Consultancy provides you with the group dog training classes. It is of 4 weeks duration. Only ten participants are allowed in one class. We provide with the individual assessment and focus on each and every participant. It consists of the following programs: Amichien Bonding Program, Puppy/Dog Home Integration Program, Basic Obedience Program and Socialization & Situational Awareness. Amichien Bonding will teach your dog the basic principles and manners. We will teach it the behaviour to show in front of others.

We will teach it to never bark or bite on everyone. Basic Obedience Program will teach your dog the basic communication skills. We will teach it how to communicate with others. Puppy/Dog Home Integration Program teaches the basic behavioural issues. This includes toilet training, barking training, chewing, biting, jumping, refusal to come and many more. Socialization & Situational Awareness is the most important training needed for a dog. A dog will never have the mind like a human no matter how much understanding it is. This training teaches the dog to understand the situation and behave accordingly. Also, it teaches to socialize with different people easily.

Puppies are the newly born dogs and they need utmost care. They must be treated like a child. Therefore, The Dog Listener Consultancy provides puppy training biting. Puppies don’t know where and how to react. They may bite anyone. Also, they cannot be treated harshly as normal dogs are treated. Therefore, we provide special biting training to them. We treat them with care and patience. They may definitely take time to understand but once understood will never forget that. We never forget that they are newborn and need proper and special nourishment as well.

We understand that every dog is different and hence each one of them needs to be handled differently. We have given our best results till date and will continue doing so.

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